Legenden des Rock Vol.1: Fell Out Boy & Living Theory

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Doppelkonzert: Fell Out Boy (Fall Out Boy - Tribute) & Living Theory (Linkin Park - Tribute)

Fell Out Boy (Fall Out Boy- Tribute) UK
The full headline show from Fell Out Boy, a tribute to multi-platinum artist Fall Out Boy. The full set of their hits from Sugar,
We're Going Down, Thanks For The Memories, Dance, Dance, all the way through to The Phoenix, Alone Together and My Songs Know What You Did In
The dark played to the highest quality identical to the record as you can hear.

"Fell Out Boy made me leave questioning if they are better than Fall Out Boy live"

The band have been packing out venues up and down the UK, as well as great testomonials multiple festival appearances, nightclubs and universities around Europe, even got a thumbs up from the real band!

Living Theory (Linkin Park- Tribute) IT
Energy, power, attention to details and a beat that never stops: These are Living Theory!

5 pro musicians with different experiences who recreate the atmosphere of the Los Angeles band.

A path that explores the different souls of Linkin Park and captures all its nuances. Suitable to any kind of stage where rock, pop, hip hop and electro blend together for a “show-concert” continuously engaging and captivating.

The setlist is compound by the oldest hits and the newest ones in order to obtain the perfect mix of all Linkin Park’s eras.


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